"Above the dark clouds is a bright world"

You Are Not Alone

It’s a really difficult time right now. If you’re worried about your mental health (or someone else’s) we do understand your mental health. We can provide you with support, information and ideas about what to do next. 

Who Are We

UK Mental Health is a community of people who have been in the same situation as yourself,

We aim to help you and make sure you do not feel alone.You must remember that your feelings are not abnormal and that many people are having a hard time with sheltering-in-place.


A to Z Of Mental Health

ADHD, Alcohol, Alzheimer’s, Anger, Anorexia, Anxiety, Aspergers, Autism, Bipolar, Body Dysmorphia, Deliberxate Self Injury, Dementia, Depression, LGBT mental health support, Online Bulling, plus many more   

"You are the greatest gift you can give somebody, So do not be unhappy, Find that happiness and let use all enjoy it"

" If your feelings are not abnormal and that many people are having a hard time with sheltering-in-place. The future is bright in front of us all without doubt. "Things will get better and we will get through this very difficult time. "Please remember that tomorrow is a good day and we will all get through it in the end."
Simon Ford
UK Mental Health


If you want to talk about the importance of having LGBTQ feelings and you do not know how to address yourself to your Friends Family, or you have a Friends who does not know how to address specific feelings to their Friends and Family,  for people with mental health issues – when you are gay and you have mental health issues it’s like a double attack sometimes

UK Mental Health Figures

  • Over a third of the public think people with a mental health issue are likely to be violent.

  • People with severe mental illness are more likely to be the victims, rather than the perpetrators, of violent crime.

  • People with mental ill health are more dangerous to themselves than to others: 80-90% of people who die by suicide are experiencing mental distress.

  • Poor mental health impacts on individuals and their families, in lost income, lower educational attainment, quality of life and a much shorter life span.